Current Collaborations


Bus Stop of the Future

A team from TKS Secondary recently took part in KAUST Smart’s ‘Bus Stop of the Future’ challenge.

The teams worked with users, stakeholders and subject matter experts, and also had to manage a budget to complete the challenge, which was to not only address mobility needs, but also to create something that encourages connectivity and communication. KAUST Smart and the Prototyping Core Lab provided certificated training in Design Thinking, Prototyping and Product Design and the teams were able to use the equipment in the Prototyping Lab. 

The TKS ‘pink’ team were: Arnab Chakraborty, Dean Magara, John Winfer, Karen Rivera, Naga Kare, Salim Babhair and Zayd Masry.

Check out the video from the participants.

This project is a great example of how TKS students are able to benefit from being part of the University and wider community, and the innovation that is taking place every day.


Grade 5 students visited KAUST’s ‘smart’ home, which is part of the Smart City Living Lab – a four-bedroom villa which has been redesigned to showcase a more sustainable way of living.  The project is a collaboration between 8 local KAUST start-ups and will provide useful data for future implementations. The students learnt about the latest technology in water preservation and how the home is partly cooled through geothermal energy and were posed questions such as “What is a LEED Certification?”, “How does geothermal energy work?”, and ‘What does a net-zero energy home mean?”.


As part of the many activities for World Creativity & Innovation Week (April 15-21, 2022), the KAUST Smart team organized for FalconViz to visit the Kindergarten with their drones. The drones created much excitement for our kindergarteners, as this video shows!


Winter Enrichment Program (WEP)

TKS Science Fair and Science Festival

The Grade 8s and students from the Elementary school developed their science projects ready for the annual Science Fair which is delivered as part of the Winter Enrichment Program. In addition, the students were able to present their project and research at the inaugural WEP Science Festival held in the neighboring town of Thuwal.

The students are encouraged to work like a research scientist: develop their hypothesis, test it by conducting experiments, collect and process the data, and write a conclusion of their findings. The students presented their work using posters.


KAUST Research Open Week (KROW)

KAUST-McLaren Partnership/F1 in Schools

There was huge excitement at KAUST and TKS when Formula 1 hit the grid in Jeddah, and the McLaren F1 team visited KAUST before the race in appreciation of a successful partnership in research and development for the past three years.

The students in the High School Engineering & Innovation classes gained hands-on experience by constructing CO2-powered model F1 cars.  They learned about aerodynamics and F1 car design concepts, developed design specifications for F1 drag cars using CAD and CFD simulation software, formed teams to bring their car to market, manufactured the car body out of high-density foam using CNC routers and 3D printing, raced against the other teams on a 20-meter track, collected race data, and then conducted a final evaluation of the car’s performance based on the collected data.

The highlight was racing the cars at the KAUST Research Open Week in front of a large audience, and having the VIP guest, Lando Norris (McLaren’s F1 driver), race one of the cars!

Team Fusion (Beatrice Rueping & Tailin Sladakovic, Grade 10) won the race with the fastest car, and the Constructors Trophy went to Team Omicron (Adityaraja Alevoor, Aella Tsorpatzii & Saif AlGhamdi, Grade 11).

KAUST-McLaren Partnership Sci-Café

As part of the McLaren F1 team visit, TKS hosted a Sci-Café where KAUST Ph.D students who are directly involved in the KAUST-McLaren research project formed the panel to talk to the students. Kiran Yalamanchi talked about fuel optimization, Altynay Kaidarov spoke about the lightweight graphene sensors that are being designed for the car, and Mohammed Alsayyari talked about aerodynamics. 

The panel also shared their own personal journeys that brought them to be involved in these exciting and innovative fields of research. The TKS students asked some great and challenging questions to the panel, who said they were encouraged about the next generation of scientists and engineers coming through schools.

“It was great to see the excitement that is created by the work we do. The TKS students are really breaking the boundaries of imagination and thinking outside of the box to discuss new technologies…” Kiran Yalamanchi

 “The students were very informed about this topic and are clearly interested in the sustainability and environmental impact of what we do…”  Mohammed Alsayyari

“It was great to interact with the young minds at KAUST and to see their enthusiasm and passion to learn about cutting-edge technology developments. These students are the key to a bright future.”  Altynay Kaidarova

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Road Safety Event at SAFAA Stadium

More than 300 TKS students attended a Road Safety Event hosted by the KAUST HSE team in March 2022.  This event was developed as a collaboration with teachers from the Elementary and Secondary school and built on curriculum content delivered in early 2022.

In addition to learning more about general road safety, students got the opportunity to attend e-scooter training.  E-scooters are a mode of transportation that is becoming very popular – in KAUST and around the world.

Entrepreneurship Center

The Grade 3s took part in a design challenge at the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center.  After touring the Center and learning more about how it works and the companies they work with, the Grade 3 students were set the challenge to redesign a pencil.  Each group had to determine the needs of the ‘customer’, define the task, develop designs, decide on a final product and build a prototype using pipe cleaners, gem stickers, scissors, glue, sticky notes, popsicle sticks, pom poms… and more!  Each group then got to pitch their design and get feedback from the group leaders.

KAUST-TKS Office of Engagement and Enrichment 

KEY Initiative - Broadening The IB & TKS Curriculum

TKS has students from 73 countries, speaking more than 40 different languages and dialects. The KEY Initiative makes use of the talent in the university and community to broaden what TKS offers to its students during the school day and in co-curricular activities and clubs. For example, through KEY students can access a wider range of language tuition and conversation, gain awareness of other international curriculums, join college/university preparation groups, and if they are particularly talented in a subject, they can take part in extended opportunities led by University faculty.

If you would like more information about the KEY initiative, please contact