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At TKS, we seamlessly integrate technology and information literacy to enhance learning experiences for our young people. It empowers them to create, collaborate and connect through the responsible use of print and digital resources.  
We have invested in the latest technology to enhance our teaching and learning, including tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and interactive panels for classroom use across the curriculum. We also have a specialized computer suite available for all our students.
We provide many in-school resources that introduce our young learners to responsible digital and technical play such as iPads, microscopes and coding toys. 

media common sense
Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum

In addition to this, we use the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum to support students to make smart choices online and take ownership over their digital lives. Part of this responsibility is understanding, respecting and adhering to relevant guidelines.

To support our students to effectively use technology, we:

  • Maintain a suite of quality web-based tools including Google Workspace for Education Plus, library research databases, and a range of instruction learning and creation tools
  • Have a school issued 1:1 environment in Elementary and Secondary school
    • Grades 1 and 2 make use of iPads 
    • Grades 3-12 are assigned a MacBook Pro
  • Support students in grades 6-12 to extend their learning by allowing them to take their devices home
  • Equip all classroom with quality audio and visuals hardware
  • Provide educational support through our Library Media Specialists and an Educational Technology Coach
  • Provide systems support through our Information and Technology Services team.
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Video Production & Design

Students in the High School Media & Communications: Video production class have the opportunity to develop their pre-production, production, post-production/editing and storytelling design skills by producing videos for different genres and themes.

They go through a video production design process to raise awareness about topics and issues they are interested in making a difference about, for example, by creating short Public Service Awareness videos (PSAs). They also create posters to help raise awareness. 

coding kid
Computer Science Education Week

As part of Computer Science Education Week, TKS Kindergarten collaborated with University students and staff from the Computational, Electrical, Mathematical Science & Engineering (CEMSE) division to take part in ‘Hour of Code’ – an international activity to celebrate (and introduce) young students to computer science.  

The Hour of Code activity launched their robotics learning unit, and the young students explored three different robots (Cubelets, Hexbugs and Ozobots).  The students and staff from CEMSE led some hands-on inquiry sessions with the students in K1 to K3.

cam in motion
CAM in Motion

During this event, TKS creates CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) toys by using Adobe Illustrator, laser cutting, and hand-building to create the parts like the box, cam parts (crank, follower, etc), as well as our own character, to tell a story. 

Being one of the more creative projects for Design, we find that customizing to try and make it function correctly is the biggest priority and toughest challenge. This leads to using our own imagination everywhere else in the project (color, character, style, story, etc.). You can see a student’s personality just by looking at their project.

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