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An Enriching Experience

An Enriching Experience

School life is so much more than academic learning. That’s why at TKS we’re proud to offer a diverse range of opportunities and experiences for our young people to truly thrive. It provides the perfect complement to our International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Our inclusive co-curricular program empowers our students to positively engage and become well-rounded, adaptable members of the TKS community and broader society. Students can thrive, pursue their passions, take on challenges and develop lifelong skills, all within a nurturing environment.

At TKS, we believe:

At TKS, we believe:


Commitment, perseverance, integrity, respect, and resilience should be emphasized, and are representative of a high-quality co-curricular program.


The way we represent ourselves and our school is more important than the measurable outcomes and results.


Every student should have an opportunity to become involved in the co-curricular program and develop within their ‘ROLE’ (Responsibility, Opportunity, Leadership, Enjoyment).


Active participation in the co-curricular program will build confidence and promote positive social interaction.

School Community

The co-curricular program strengthens our school community and a holistic approach to education within TKS.

Unique Experiences

Local, national, and international trips provide unique experiences to broaden perspectives and develop students’ cultural understandings.

We Are The Sharks

We’re proud to be home of TKS Sharks. Find out what makes us special. Go Sharks!

Spirit Shop

Get in the TKS spirit at our school shop located in the Secondary School campus! It’s located in the lobby on the left as you enter the main entrance.

We have a range of items in stock for you to choose from to use at school or out! From those sunny beach days to shopping at Tamimi, get your hands on our fabulous TKS Shark-branded tote bags, swimming caps, water bottles, and so much more! 

Enjoy the school spirit, and we hope you all find something you love as much as we do. 

You can download our full-price list here.

Spirit shop full price list

Spirit shop full price list

We Stand Out

We’re all different and reach our potential in different ways. Inside and outside the classroom. That’s why at TKS we complement our rigorous International Baccalaureate curriculum with a wide range of classroom-based and co-curricular activities.


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Sports & Physical Education

TKS regularly organizes sports tournaments with other schools, such as the visit in November 2021 by Miras Team, one of Jeddah’s best women’s football squads, for a series of friendly games against a representative TKS Sharks team and KAUST’s Magpies Women’s Football Club. New rules for Saudi teams meant Miraas could also recruit non-Saudi players as well as junior players (with parental approval), therefore they were also scouting KAUST players to bolster their squad for these upcoming league games.


Music, Arts & Performing Arts

The arts play a prominent role at TKS, both as an integral part of the curriculum as well as through a range of activities, providing students with numerous opportunities for creative expression.


Technology & Digital Learning

TKS purposefully integrates technology and information literacy in order to enhance learning experiences, and empowering learners to create, collaborate and connect through the responsible use of print and digital resources.

Future Focused

Get ready for the future! From internships to college fairs, we give your child all the opportunities they need to shine and explore what comes next. At TKS, we provide the tools to develop their passions and find their path.

Lunch Menu

Healthy, nutritious food is essential to fuel young, inquiring minds. We offer a range of delicious, nourishing meals to supercharge your child.

Lunch Menu Options

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