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Latest news and events

Latest news and events

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Athletics Director, John Amosa, shares What research says about student participation in activities and how this impacts overall student success and well-being

Research has consistently shown that student participation in activities is positively associated with student success and well-being. Students participating in extracurricular activities...


Yasmeen Ghunaim, Advancement Lead at TKS, shares how TKS is establishing its reputation in the Kingdom as a hub for professional development catering to local educators

The word Tawasul translates to Connection or Communication and, as the name suggests, the initiative connects TKS with schools from around the...


Tasty Tuesdays!!!

Tasty Tuesdays is a new offering brought to you by our TKS Parent Ambassador! In the month of February, parent ambassadors and...

our school magazine

our school magazine

We are delighted to share the third issue of TKS Wave, bursting with news, views and features from right across our wonderful community. Thank you to everyone - our students, staff, alumni and parents – who have contributed to this edition. Happy reading!

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