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Talent At TKS

TKS believes that personal fulfillment and discovery are integral aspects of a rewarding professional life. That’s why we make it easy for teachers and staff to balance their professional responsibilities with other aspects of their lives.

When you join TKS, you’ll have ample opportunities and time to keep your work and life in balance. From generous annual leave to living in an inviting campus community on the shores of the Red Sea, with all the seaside amenities and recreation facilities of a fine resort, TKS provides a wonderful lifestyle.

See our About KAUST page for more about our campus and community.


At TKS, we recruit experienced, child-centered educators and professionals with the values, disposition, and skills that align closely with our values and strategic vision. As you would expect from an education provider, we’re committed to lifelong learning, so we’re always keen for our people to learn and grow as professionals.

Compensation & Benefits

To attract the best staff, we offer a globally competitive pay structure. In addition to base pay, we provide several additional financial rewards. Successful candidates will receive details and finalized terms when they’re made an offer of employment at TKS.

We also offer medical and dental benefits, retirement and savings plans, paid annual leave, and more for eligible employees.

Key Figures

You’ll join a diverse community. Our staff and students represent 73 nationalities. We currently have 382 staff, 41% of whom have worked here for over five years. TKS has just under 1900 students.

Search Our Vacancies

If you are interested in any of the current positions we are hiring for, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our job vacancies for available positions.

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Professional Development

As a faculty member at TKS, you can expect to be working in an environment where the administration supports lifelong professional growth. It’s something that’s deeply embedded within our school's culture.

We expect all employees to develop their skills as professional educators. Continuing professional growth is one of the school’s four focus areas. All teaching staff are involved in regular, ongoing professional learning throughout the entire year.

We employ a team of IB and Pedagogical Coordinators in each division of the school, who work closely with teachers to develop their professional inquiries, gather feedback and engage in regular coaching conversations. All faculty assess themselves on a set of professional and teaching practices. These elements lead their appraisal with their Principal.

Professional development learning opportunities are vital to the continual growth of our people and funds to support this are available on-site, off-site, in-country, and abroad. Professional development for teachers may include:

Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Online learning provided by the University
Professional development for teachers may include:
In-school workshops
Online learning provided by the University
External conferences and workshops
Discussion groups
Reading groups
Work with on or off-site consultants
Action research teams
Online learning
Attendance at the school's regional conference

We encourage and support attendance at relevant professional conferences. In addition, our Pedagogical Coordinators regularly lead in-school professional learning opportunities. Each year, we bring in leading experts in relevant fields of education to provide development for faculty on our campus.

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Live, Work, And Play At TKS

TKS provides a work-play-live environment. We’re a vibrant, multinational community of learners, teachers, and staff.

School staff lives in the University campus community on the shores of the Red Sea. The campus community is a small-town environment that features safe, attractive neighborhoods with retail, recreation, and entertainment facilities. Many activities center around the school, focusing on community interests, such as musical and theatrical performances, team sports tournaments, academic competitions, and various exhibitions.

Recreation centers include a bowling alley and a golf course, a marina, several beaches, tennis courts, playgrounds, a cinema, indoor racquet sports, and lots of wide-open spaces. There are also children's summer camps available. 

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TKS Teacher Recruitment Short Film

TKS Teacher Recruitment Short Film

Recruitment Brochure

Recruitment Brochure

The KAUST School Recruitment Brochure 2023-2024


As an organization with learning at its heart, it’s vital that your teachers are as committed to their own learning and development. It gives our students the best possible learning experience and encourages them to inquire and satisfy their own thirst for knowledge.

Evelise Vaoga, Teacher 
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