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 Athletics holds a prominent position at TKS, where we proudly identify as the home of the Sharks, inspired by the majestic whale sharks native to the Red Sea. As dedicated members of the Saudi Arabian Inter-Kingdom Activities Conference (SAIKAC), we offer our students a diverse range of athletic opportunities. Our commitment spans from the Middle School level, where we provide both competitive and developmentally appropriate teams, to the High School level, where we focus on fostering competitive excellence.

In the Middle School category (Under-14), we balance competition and participation, ensuring that all students can engage in sports. Our teams participate in regular Red Seas Athletic Conference (RSAC) tournaments, with the best performers earning the honor of representing the school at the prestigious end-of-season SAIKAC Tournament. Students can choose between competitive and developmental teams catering to individual preferences and abilities at this level.

Moving up to the Junior Varsity (Under-16) and Varsity (Under-19) levels, SAIKAC and RSAC tournaments remain a focal point of our competitive calendar. The quest for coveted spots on these teams drives many of our students, with selections determined early in the season. As the season unfolds, these teams proudly represent TKS in SAIKAC tournaments held across the Kingdom.

In addition to hosting various tournaments within RSAC and SAIKAC, we embrace a broader regional perspective by accompanying our teams to other countries for exchanges, invitationals, and tournaments. This commitment to athletic excellence allows our students to experience the thrill of competition beyond our borders while fostering a strong sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.



Athletics we offer:

Athletics we offer:

Training sessions run for between 1 and 1.5 hours per day, with two or three per week after school.


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Cross Country Running

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