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Welcome To TKS Elementary

Welcome To TKS Elementary

jeffrey woodcock
Jeff Woodcock
Elementary School Principal
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Message from the Principal

Welcome to TKS Elementary School! 

Our Elementary School identity has been fostered and forged from the global challenges of the past few years. We have demonstrated resilience, innovation and collaboration to experience incredible success and growth. Our students have proven to be resilient, engaged and enthusiastic.

Through the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), we provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the essential concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to be lifelong learners. Our teachers focus on promoting student agency and nurturing our students’ voice and choice. We know that students who engage actively in their learning are also more adaptable, responsible and develop a deeper understanding and love of learning.

We have adopted internationally benchmarked standards in all curriculum areas, including following the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) standards in mathematics and English language arts. AERO’s goal is to advance student-driven, learner-centered approaches to education.

Our students study mathematics, English language arts and their units of inquiry with their homeroom teacher, as well as Arabic, music, arts, physical education and an enrichment block with specialist teachers.
Over the past few years, we’ve modified and added to our elementary campus to make our learning spaces more collaborative and flexible. This supports our ongoing initiative of personalizing learning and meeting the needs of each student, ensuring their sense of belonging and well-being.

Our highly qualified teachers include a number of specialist support staff to ensure our curriculum is accessible across our diverse school community. We offer a wide-ranging extracurricular program that further enriches the social and emotional development of each student. Our teachers are dedicated to promoting students’ welfare, progress, and personal growth and individual interests.

Whether you are a current, or prospective member of our school community, we welcome you to our school!

General Overview

Student learning is best done when it’s authentic - relevant to the ‘real world’ - and transdisciplinary, where the learning is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subject areas but is supported and enriched by them. We aim to engage children in ways that meet children’s academic, social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs. We want our young people to be happy, engaged learners who are keen to come to school.

We provide a dynamic, creative, technology-rich inquiry-based curriculum. In all areas, our teachers provide students with a range of stimulating learning experiences designed to nurture the whole child through the essential elements of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program: knowledge, skills, attitudes, concepts, and action, as well as the learner profile.

Your child’s main point of contact is with their classroom teacher who is generally supported by an assistant. Additionally, we offer Physical Education, Performing Arts, Art, and Arabic Language for native and non-native speakers. Mother Tongue is a growing program intended to support our students to maintain their home languages.

This broad, experiential program enhances our children’s natural curiosity and sense of inquiry, developing an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

The Elementary School Parent Handbook 2023-24

ES Handbook 2023-24

Our Schools

Our Schools


Kindergarten provides our 3-5 year-old students with a play-based approach to teaching and learning.

Elementary School

A dynamic, creative, technology-rich and inquiry-based learning environment awaits our 6 -10-year-olds.

Middle School

A rich and varied program for our 11 - 14 year-olds, supporting the unique needs of middle school-aged students.

High School

A diverse academic program enhanced by athletics and activities for our 15 - 18-year-olds, preparing them for that next important step beyond high school.

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