Introduction to the IB

TKS is an IB world school that offers the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate; a continuum of high-quality, international education across all grade levels. The IB is the most respected and widely followed academic program in the international school world. It has grown increasingly popular in many national education systems, with more than 4,000 schools worldwide offering IB programs. As such, it is well suited to meet the needs of our diverse and internationally minded community.

The IB is different from other curricula because it:

  • Encourages students to think critically and challenge what they are told.
  • Is independent of governments and national systems, and therefore able to incorporate best practice from a range of international frameworks and curricula.
  • Encourages students to consider both their local and international environment.

Research shows that IB students perform well on international academic assessments, and often better than students on other programs. In addition, Diploma Program graduates are better able to cope with demanding workloads and time-management challenges and feel more prepared for college-level coursework involving research and, than students from non-IB schools.

Introduction To The IB Program