Professional Development

The KAUST School expects all faculty to develop their skills as professional educators. Continuing professional growth is one of the four focus areas of The KAUST School. All faculty are involved in regular, on-going professional learning throughout the entire year. The KAUST School has employed a team of Pedagogical Coordinators in each division of the school, who work closely with teachers to develop their professional inquiries, gather feedback and engage in regular coaching conversations. All faculty assess themselves on a set of professional and teaching practices and they lead their own appraisal with their principal.
Professional Development learning opportunities are vital to the continual growth of teachers and funds to support this are available on-site, off site, in country, and abroad. Professional development for teachers may include:

  • in-school workshops
  • external conferences and workshops
  • discussion groups
  • reading groups
  • work with on or off-site consultants
  • action research teams
  • on-line learning
  • attendance at the school’s regional conference, NESA

All of these are possible approaches, with the approval of the Principal who makes the final decisions on individual and collective programming.

We encourage and support attendance at relevant professional conferences. In addition, our Pedagogical Coordinators regularly lead in-school professional learning opportunities, and each year we bring in leading experts in relevant fields of education to provide development for faculty on our campus.
As a faculty member at TKS you can expect to be working in an environment in which life-long professional growth is supported by the administration and this is deeply embedded within the school’s culture.