Live and Work

The KAUST School is a vibrant, multinational community of learners, teachers and staff. The faculty consists of more than 300 teachers, support staff and administrators. Seventy percent of the faculty have advanced degrees and most of them have international school experience. The school maintains classroom ratios of no less than one teacher for every 15 students in early childhood and one teacher to every 18-22 students in Elementary and Secondary.

Schools staff live in the University campus community, built near the fishing village of Thuwal. The campus is 80 kilometers north of Jeddah, a cosmopolitan city which provides numerous opportunities for cultural experiences and exploration.  The campus community is more of a small-town environment that features safe, attractive neighborhoods, with retail, recreation and entertainment facilities. Many activities center around the school and these activities are a focus for community interest-- musical and theatrical performances, team sports tournaments, academic competitions, and various exhibitions.

Recreation centers include a bowling alley, as well as a golf course, a marina, several beaches, tennis courts, playgrounds, a cinema, indoor racquet sports, and lots of wide-open spaces.  There are also children’s summer camps available. Summers are hot and humid and it’s cooler and drier during autumn, winter and spring.

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