TKS Class of 2021: Quick Facts

TKS students accepted into 32 of the world’s top 100 universities – and other data you should know

Each year, The KAUST School graduates gear up to leave home and head off to college. We have compiled graduation and college admission data for the 44 students in the TKS class of 2021, and wanted to share some interesting findings with you.

Did you know?

1.   40 students will be attending universities in eight different countries.

2.   STEM degrees were by far the most popular.

3.   Our students received 59 acceptances from a Top 100 ranked university.

4.   100% IB pass rate, with the highest possible score of 45 achieved by one student – a first in TKS’s history!  

Congratulations to the TKS class of 2021 on their amazing accomplishments!