Admissions to TKS

As part of KAUST's commitment not only to graduate students, faculty and staff but also to their families, the KAUST School (TKS) provides an excellent education for the children of KAUST.

We welcome students from a wide range of countries, backgrounds and abilities who wish to study an international curriculum (International Baccalaureate, IB) and receive an English-language education.


To be eligible for admission and continued enrollment at TKS students must:

  • be residents of the KAUST Community
  • meet the age requirements for the grade
  • possess the level of English required for the grade
  • demonstrate the ability to be successful, with limited learning support, in a general IB academic environment.
  • TKS admits students from K1 to G12 who can be successful with limited learning support. Learning support is available for students with mild-to-moderate learning needs, however the academic requirements remain the same for all students. TKS does not offer admission to students with learning support needs which are beyond mild-to-moderate.



Students must be up to date with their immunizations before starting school TKS Immunization Requirements are based on the Saudi Ministry of Health schedule. The KAUST School Health Office will check the immunization records of all incoming students and advise of what, if any, immunizations are required for admission.