TKS IP Internship Program

TKS Internship Program 2021 Launches

This academic year we bring a wealth of experience to our students through our valued partnerships at KAUST. TKS has connected with KAUST Community to launch the TKS Internship Program (TKS IP) 2021. This work-based opportunity will allow our High School (G11 & G12) students to gain professional work experience and learn how organizations work and operate.

In its first year of launch, the program saw a total of 18 students intern in several different departments at KAUST. From learning skills in sectors such as Human Resources, Recreation and IT security, just to mention a few, we wish them every success in preparation for their futures ahead.

Watch the full video created by our young professionals sharing their chosen area of work!

TKS Internship Program 2021

A very special thank you to all mentors and partners.

Semester 1

Launched in August 2021, the TKS-IP is offered to our High School Diploma students. 17 students undertook internships in university departments during the first semester of the school year, gaining invaluable work experience and adding to their portfolio of achievements for a future university or career step.

The many and varied opportunities meant the students were designing drones, developing augmented reality apps and leading their own gymnastics classes. The first semester was very successful and a number of the students are continuing with their internship into the second semester.

See the highlights and hear from the TKS students in this video.


Wise Summer Program

WISE 2022 - Work, Internship, Student Experience

WISE is a four-week summer program open to the children of KAUST residents who are:

     ●     Studying at TKS in Grade 10-12

     ●     Studying at another high school in Grade 10-12

     ●     Studying as an undergraduate at university (aged 25 and under)

 The WISE 2022 Intern/Student Guide is now available. For more information about Wise email:

WISE Summer Program 2022

The WISE program has been offered to TKS students since 2016 and has grown year on year. In 2021, more than 60 TKS students took part in the 4-week summer program which offers internships and other activities across a broad range of KAUST professional departments and academic/research areas.

For WISE 2022, 96 internships are being offered, including opportunities to study the planets, get involved in revolutionary irrigation technology, develop new LED technology for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR games), undertake research in climate issues, learn about nanomaterials and nanotechnology, or work in the Entrepreneurship Center, with the Sustainability team, on major KAUST construction projects, or with the Research Safety team. The TKS students will go through a competitive application and interview process.  Offers will be made in May and the program runs in July/August 2022.

Science and Research Internships

To support students in their research projects and IB extended essays, the University is always pleased to have TKS students spend time in the labs and be mentored by university students, post doctorates, research scientists and faculty.

From human cell tissue techniques, the Leidenfrost effect, the effects of hydrophobic sand on plant growth, and photosynthetic efficiency – our TKS students are able to carry out real research supported by academics in the University labs.