Learning Opportunities with KAUST

The KAUST School is an exceptional IB world school offering a first class and broad International Baccalaureate curriculum, and is also an integral part of the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology community.

TKS works hard to forge strong relationships with the University that we share our living and working space with, adding a unique and enriching element to the education of all our students. Our students are able to benefit from the University’s intellectual, social and innovation resources and position as a world renowned institution committed to excellence, and our mission of igniting curiosity, inspiring creativity and investigating solutions is realized in partnership with the University.

We partner with the University in many ways:

    ●  Specific areas of our curriculum are co-created (and even co-delivered) by TKS educators and University faculty

    ●  Students from all grades are able to take part in collaborative programs and research

    ●   We offer an internship program that allows Grade 10-12 students to explore a potential future in research/academia, or to better       understand a professional career path

    ●   Additional co-created enrichment activities and credentialed courses are offered to all grades

    ●   Our school leavers are offered many opportunities to continue to engage with TKS and KAUST University.

Areas of focus and types of engagement:

    ●    Networking - conversations, information exchange and developing relationships

    ●    Coordination/cooperation - a simple interaction to share knowledge or information with students

     ●   Collaboration - some elements of the activity are shared; curriculum aligned and/or extra-curricular (opportunity to enhance the curriculum with unique learning opportunity)

     ●   Co-creation - the program or activity is developed by TKS and the University/community jointly and some elements are co-created; curriculum aligned and/or extra-curricular (augmented but separate)

     ●   Partnership - the program or activity aligns with the strategic plan, and ideas and plans are generated from the working partnership; all elements are fully delivered by a TKS and University/community team; fully integrated in the TKS curriculum and University panning

From our involvement in the annual Winter Enrichment Program, the quarterly TKS Sci-Cafés, or classroom visits to the Core Labs – these are all unique experiences that add value to each students’ learning journey.

These connections further our mission to “empower learners to skillfully and confidently leverage opportunities to thrive and contribute in a complex world.”