Message from the Principal

At GES, our student population is multi-cultural, diverse, enthusiastic, engaging and confident. They are also fun loving and happy.

Through the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) we provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of essential concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to be lifelong learners. Our students are actively involved in authentic inquiry-based learning across all the curriculum areas. They develop confidence in their abilities, think for themselves, question, express their opinions and respect the opinions of others. As students learn to reflect on their learning, they become critical thinkers. We encourage students to voice their ideas and to take action to improve the school and the community. Student achievement and progress is shared through regular assemblies, parent conferences, open houses and activities aimed at making the school a stimulating center for the community.

Our highly qualified teachers include a number of specialist support staff to ensure that our curriculum is accessible across our diverse school community. We offer a wide- ranging extra-curricular program that further enriches the social and emotional development of each student. Our teachers are dedicated to promoting students welfare, progress and individual interests.

Whether you are a current, soon to be, or prospective member of our school community, we welcome you to our school!

Jeff Woodcock