Co-curricular Program Purpose

The purpose of the TKS co-curricular program is to support the TKS mission, vision and values by providing a balanced and diverse range of opportunities and experiences to promote the development of TKS students as IB Learners. The inclusive program will empower students to positively engage and become well-rounded, adaptable members of the TKS community and global society. Within a nurturing environment students can thrive, pursue their passions, take on challenges and develop lifelong skills.

In support of our purpose,TKS believes that:

  • COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and RESILIENCE are to be emphasized, and are representative of a high-quality co-curricular program.
  • The way we represent ourselves and our school is more important than the measurable outcomes and results.
  • Every student should have an opportunity to become involved in the co-curricular program and develop within their ‘ROLE’ (Responsibility, Opportunity, Leadership, Enjoyment).
  • Active participation in the co-curricular program will build confidence and promote positive social interaction.
  • The co-curricular program strengthens our school community and a holistic approach to education within TKS.
  • The success of the co-curricular program is dependent on the collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • Local, national & international trips provide unique experiences to broaden perspectives and develop students’ cultural understandings.

To enable us to achieve our purpose, the co-curricular program offers many activities that promote the development of well-rounded students who are prepared for life beyond The KAUST School. We want our students to be healthy in the long term, confident with technology, understand the importance of individual and collective expression and be responsible global citizens. To facilitate that, the following co-curricular program areas have been identified:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Creativity
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Life Skills, Leadership & Service

With activities such as sports, coding, Model United Nations (MUN), school productions, student led activities, Duke of Edinburgh International Award and many many more, there is something for every student to participate in and enjoy.

John Amosa (Activities & Athletics Director),

Daan Sengers (Aquatics Director),

Jorge Rodriguez (GES Activities Coordinator)