At GES the Enrichment Activities provide a variety of programs that are sponsored by teachers and members of our community. These programs enhance children's creativity with a wide variety of arts and crafts, puzzles, games, and outdoor activities that build critical thinking skills, listening, memory, visualization, concentration through singing, hands-on experiments, physical movement, word puzzles, art projects, and more!

Enrichment activities are held on Sunday from 3:00pm - 4:00pm or depending on the coach’s availability.


The GES Youth Sports Program is a volunteer program sponsored by teachers and members of the community. The purpose of the program is to provide Gardens Elementary students the opportunity to experience and develop skills in a range of indoor and outdoor sporting activities. Youth Sports covers a range of activities, that includes core sports skills. During the program students will learn and develop the required skills to participate in the sport, leadership skills and positive social skills towards developing a balanced lifestyle.

Youth Sports Programs are held on Monday and Thursday from 3:00pm - 4:00pm.

Registering your child/ren for Youth Sports Activities will mean they are committing to set days.

Programs offered by Recreation facilities will incur a cost. However, teaching staff will assist with transportation of students to and from venue.

After School Co-Curricular Program

We offer a Youth Sports and Enrichment co-curricular program that provides students with a balanced and diverse range of opportunities and experiences. At GES, we help support the TKS mission, vision, and values through this inclusive program by providing a well-rounded array of choices based on four core program areas; health and wellness, STEM, creativity, and life skills and leadership. We have identified core activities that will help support student learning and community involvement through these program categories. Students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership, physical, and social skills through participation and hands-on experiences that will help develop their IB Learner Attributes and benefit them for a lifetime.

2021-22 Season Dates

Cycle 1 - September 12 - November 4

Cycle 2 - November 21 - January 29

Cycle 3 -  February 6 - April 9 

Cycle 4 - April 10 - June 4

For more information visit GES Co-curricular Program page