Student life

Welcome to the TKS Co-Curricular Program – a dynamic and growing program designed to offer a wide range of opportunities for our school community.

Our program is anchored by compassionate and caring professionals who volunteer their time for programs they firmly believe make a difference in the lives of our students. Please take the time to thank them for their support and enthusiasm in making a difference.

We believe that COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY are to be emphasized, and are characteristics representative of individuals in a high-quality program. Participation in the co-curricular program will promote social growth and maturation of all individuals involved, and support the TKS mission of providing an exceptional, International Baccalaureate education that empowers students to be resourceful and responsible global citizens.

Additionally, we believe that every member of the TKS community, including parents, should have an opportunity to become involved in the co-curricular program, if not as a direct participant, then in other capacities such as assistant, manger, back stage crew, official, statistician, supporter, etc. We welcome involvement from the entire community, so be sure to get involved early and often. Please contact the Activities Office if you wish to get involved. Thank you for supporting our co-curricular programs and the school’s mission.

Finally, a special word of encouragement to our athletes, artists, musicians, delegates, performers, and all club participants – Have a great year!

Richard Davies

TKS GSS Activities & Athletics Director