Student life

Dear TKS Community,

The purpose of the TKS co-curricular program is to support the TKS mission, vision and values by providing a balanced and diverse range of opportunities and experiences to promote the development of TKS students as IB Learners. The inclusive program will empower students to positively engage and become well-rounded, adaptable members of the TKS community and global society. Within a nurturing environment students can thrive, pursue their passions, take on challenges and develop lifelong skills. The benefits from being part of a team and learning lessons via co-curricular offerings are essential parts of our program.

Activities & Athletics are integral parts of a student’s education and growth at TKS, from elementary school through to the high school. Through participation in co-curricular's, students will mature physically, emotionally and socially. They will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing integrity, commitment and dedication. Students will develop values such as time management, goal setting, leadership, developing a work ethic and sportsmanship. Combined with encouraging a healthy lifestyle, these values build character and prepare TKS graduates for success beyond school. This coming year, we hope to see even more students taking advantage of our privileged position of being face-to-face in school and participating in the fantastic opportunities being offered in the co-curricular program.

At TKS, both in the Secondary and Elementary School, we are very excited about another great school year and seeing students participate in our co-curricular programs. We are looking forward to seeing everyone involved throughout the school year. We have some changes and exciting additions to the co-curricular program this year.

This year we will be focussing our program to include opportunities for our students to participate in Health and Wellness, STEM, Creativity and Life Skills, Leadership and Service activities in a variety of ways. We hope that our students will be able to create meaningful experiences that will help inspire and encourage curiosity in all of our students.

We welcome back our returning coaches, some highly esteemed in conference and divisional circles; we welcome our new coaches, whether new to TKS or repositioned; and we welcome our other athletic staff, from our nurses to our drivers. Our department does not just teach sports or the arts, but we teach and demonstrate the development of character through these mediums. We work hard to ensure that each student has a challenging and learning experience while maintaining focus on their academic mission.

TKS competes in the SAIKAC and RSAC conferences and offers other intramural programs at the secondary and elementary school levels.

I look forward to seeing you getting involved in activities soon!


John Amosa

Director of Activities & Athletics