Learning Support

Students are identified as requiring Learning Support if they meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Score under the 25th percentile on any of the MAP tasks
  • Have a case-managed plan for closing academic gaps by a Learning Support Teacher
  • Identified as requiring specific skill development

In order for us to determine the appropriate support, robust data gathering is undertaken followed by in-depth analysis.  These findings are then shared with the Homeroom/Subject Teacher as well as parents and an Action Plan is devised to address concerns in a carefully scaffolded manner.

An Action Plan is a planning document for any student who is receiving direct intervention from Learning Support Services. This is a collaborative process that involves discussion between all stakeholders.  The purpose of the Action Plan is to:

  • Document a student’s needs to ensure common understanding of his or her learning profile.
  • Determine clear SMART goals.
  • Identify accommodations and/or differentiations.
  • Identify clear roles and responsibilities for teachers, parents, counselors, administrators and students.
  • Review and evaluate progress against goals set.

A typical Action Plan may incorporate modifications and differentiation.  Most of this work is undertaken in the classroom context under the direction of the Homeroom/Subject Teacher.

Parent partnerships are highly valued and meetings are scheduled regularly to ensure they are fully informed of progress.