Student Support Services

Zachary Berezowski

Student Support Director


Student Support Services at TKS

The TKS  mission and vision to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and investigate solutions, are realized through our aspirations to be a courageous leader in education, pursuing excellence, inspiring discovery, and positively impact humanity. 

As one of our core values at TKS, inclusion is a central tenet of the Student Support Department’s work.   We live out this value when we support all staff at TKS in their practice of ADVOCATING for diverse learners.  This will ensure meaningful participation where there is ACCESS for students to become AGENTS of their own learning. 

This critical work can only be realized through our ongoing partnership with parents, students and faculty. We recognize the value of family partnerships in the learning journeys of our students, and commit to actively enhance the learning experiences of our students, through intentional engagement with parents and families at KAUST. 

Student Support Services are the responsibility of ALL educators at TKS.  The expertise of the roles within the Student Support Department allow for a specialized approach to work with identified students as well as build capacity within the greater faculty.   Our shared identity and goals within the learning community promote interdependence and require meaningful participation to ensure a truly inclusive learning environment. This commitment begins with drawing on our TKS core values of Adaptability, Innovation, Diversity, Inclusivity and Responsibility.  

The TKS Student Support Department works in partnership with the entire educational team to appropriately challenge, educate and motivate each student to reach their full potential.  It is essential for each child to understand themselves as learners in order to allow for a meaningful and engaging experience. This collaborative process seeks to ensure students are accessing each learning opportunity socially, emotionally, and academically.  The Student Support Department provides a range of direct and indirect multidisciplinary and specialized services including:  

  • Talent and Enrichment 

    • Talent and Enrichment Coordinator 

  • Individualized Learning Program

    • Coordinator and Teaching Assistants

  • School Psychology Services

    • School Psychologist

  • Speech and Language Therapy

    • Speech and Language Pathologist

    • Coordination with external agencies

  • English Language Learner/ Multilingual Learner Support

    • Coordinator with faculty representatives in KG, GES, GSS

  • Counseling and Postsecondary/University Counseling

    • KG, GES, GSS

  • Learning Support

    • Divisional Leads, Teachers and Teaching Assistants.




Zachary’s passion for learning and supporting all students to be successful in a supportive learning environment has led him to work with a wide range of schools to help ensure children have access to quality education that allows them to feel valued, respected, and a part of a learning community that will allow them to access curriculum in ways that everyone can be successful. His personal commitment to leading has allowed him to work with the The Special Education and Inclusion Association (SENIA) in Asia and is a member of ISLES (International School Leaders of Educational Support). Developing and supporting professional development within his schools, Zachary’s mission is to work with teams in schools to develop and support teacher development and ability to understand and create learning environments for all learners. He believes in the possibilities that exist when learning environments are created that provide all learners with the chance to have success in all aspects of their development. He feels everyone can find what works best for them as long as they have the support and access to curriculum in ways that meet different learning needs. Zachary is dedicated to supporting the establishment of lifelong learning and understanding the makeup of individuals in order to gain a deeper awareness of our students to enhance our role as educators.

Zachary is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in History, a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Trinity Western University, specialist designations in ESL and Special Education from the University of Toronto-OISE, and an Advance Diploma in Educational Psychology from Notting Hill College.