What makes TKS different?

      TKS is an internationally minded and globally mobile school that supports the thriving university community of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) on the shores of the Red Sea. Partnership between the school and the university continues to grow, providing our students with opportunities unimaginable elsewhere. TKS students benefit from the state-of-the-art resources of the University as well having access to University events such as the Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) and Science Fairs.

      Our school has been specifically designed for an international student body. We have chosen a curriculum that is the most respected and widely followed academic program in the international school world and well suited to international students. This means that when students leave, they’ll be ready for whatever step they want to take next, anywhere in the world.

      How does The KAUST School system compare to other international schools?

      Being located on the campus of a leading research University makes for a unique learning environment, one that is incredibly rich in both resources and opportunities. International schools are wonderful environments where students are exposed to a multitude of cultures, customs and ideas. This is a key part of The KAUST School experience. At the same time, we focus on maintaining high academic standards and the development of the whole child.

      What kind of teachers and administrators do we have?

      We strive to help students develop in a holistic, balanced way. So we’ve looked for teachers who can understand the needs of their students on all levels – cognitive, social and emotional.

      Our teachers are experienced professionals who really know their content areas and have a solid grasp of pedagogical best practice. They are also flexible, collaborative innovators who are enthusiastic about their work and about their students.

      As far as our administrators go, we look for visionaries who will be able to lead the school into the future and capitalize on all the opportunities that being part of the KAUST community offers.

      What is our primary goal for the school?

      By encouraging students to become engaged, self-directed learners, we can help them develop into well-adjusted, productive members of society. In so doing, our vision is to become a model for education around the world; a Beacon School.

      What is most exciting about The KAUST School?

      The whole KAUST project is visionary. TKS supports the University’s overall mission, and we are an important part of the foundation and the destination for family and community life on campus. As a school we are especially passionate about developing new programs and opportunities for our students. This, coupled with the wealth of resources we have at our disposal, allows us to provide a truly world class education in a way that uniquely meets the needs of our students and families.

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