School Exit clearance

      Departure Process

      • Before your child's departure from TKS, you will need to complete the on-line exit form here
      • Make sure you begin the departure process at least 10 days before your child's last day in school and sooner if possible.
      • Kindergarten and Elementary: students should ensure that all library materials have been returned.
      • Secondary Students: please download the relevant clearance form below:
      • Signature-Form G6-G10.pdf   
      • Signature-Form G11.pdf 
      • Signature-Form G12.pdf    
      • Once your form is completed you must obtain the needed signatures from faculty and/or staff. Then email the completed form to with the Primary Parent's KAUST ID in the subject line.
      • In order for you to receive KAUST clearance, you will need to fill in The KAUST School form at least 10 days prior to your child's last day in the school. (Note:  When school closes for the breaks, it is not possible to process the clearance, so you will need to start the process at least 7 days before the school breaks start. In other words, the clearance process needs to be completed on regular school days.)




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