Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)


      Purpose of PAC:

      At our School the Parent Advisory Committees (PACS) provide invaluable opportunities for communication between the School and its community. The purpose of the PAC is to create important feedback loops between parents and school, and to consider ways to improve and enhance The KAUST School. It gives parents a voice in matters affecting the day-to-day life of TKS and the overall well-being of our students. At the monthly meetings, the Principal sets the agenda that includes items submitted by Committee members.

      Structure of PAC: 

      The PAC is made up of three sub-committees, one for each division (Elementary, Kindergarten and Secondary).
      Each sub-committe is comprised of 7 parents. Divisional Principals aim to select a diverse group from our parent community. Each committee meets monthly and meetings are between 60-90 minutes.

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