The Middle Years Programme

      The IB Middle Years Program is a five year program and our curriculum from G6-10.

      The MYP builds on the inquiry based PYP program and prepares students for the rigor of the IB Diploma Program.  The MYP curriculum is an innovative, academically challenging curriculum that aims to develop critically thinking, multilingual, conceptual learners with a range of complex approaches to learning skills.

      We aim for our students to be able to make contextual connections to global settings through action and engagement. The TKS MYP program offers the following subjects to students in the first three years of the program:

      In the first 3 years (G6-8):

      The TKS MYP offers the following courses to students:

      • Language and Literature (English, Arabic)
      • Language Acquisition (English, Arabic, French)

      • 3rd Language options (students can study English, French and Arabic)

      • Mother Tongue Language Study (as a second Language and Literature with English or through enrichment support)
      • Mathematics

      • Sciences

      • Individuals and Societies

      • Design

      • The Arts (MAD rotation: Music, Visual Arts, Drama)

      • Physical and Health Education 

      • Islamic Studies (optional)

      For the final two years (G9-10):

      The TKS MYP offers some flexibility in choice of subjects:

      • Language and Literature (English, Arabic)
      • Language Acquisition (English, Arabic, French )
      • MYP Language and Literature Mother Tongue
      • MYP Language Acquisition (English, Arabic, French )
      • MYP Mathematics (Standard or Higher)
      • Integrated Sciences: G9
      • 2 of 3 Disciplines for G10 studied for one semester per discipline: Physics, Chemistry and Biology​
      • Individuals and Societies
      • Physical and Health Education
      • 2 of 4 courses studied throughout the year: Design, Visual Arts, Music, Drama
      • Islamic Studies (optional)​

      On completion of the final two years of the program, our MYP students receive an MYP Certificate and Record of Achievement from the IB Organization.

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