We offer a dynamic and varied co-curricular program for the children and young adults of our school community. Embeded in our program is our Athletic Philosophy: to create leaders of integrity and empathy, who serve with respect and responsibility.

      In support of our program, we believe:

      1. Academic and co-curricular programs work in partnership through a holistic approach to education.

      2. COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY are to be emphasized, and are representative of a quality co-curricular program.

      3. In offering a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to serve and strengthen our school community.

      4. The success of our co-curricular program is supported by the school’s philosophy, the dedication of our activity sponsors, continuing support and cooperation between departments, the commitment of our teaching staff, and the support of our administration.

      5. In the active involvement of all stakeholders.

      6. Participation in a co-curricular group will promote social growth and maturation of all individuals involved, and support our mission of providing an exceptional International Baccalaureate education that empowers students to be resourceful and responsible global citizens.

      7. Measurable outcomes and results are secondary when considered in the context of how we represent our school and ourselves.

      8. Every student should have an opportunity to become involved in the co-curricular program, if not as a participant, then in other capacities such as assistant, manager, back stage crew, statistician, supporter, etc.

      9. Both co-curricular programs and academics together help achieve our philosophical objectives.

      10. Co-curricular programs are voluntary and not required and because those participating represent the entire school community, academic eligibility requirements set by the school as well as adherence to the KAUST School Code are requirements for participation.

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