Kindergarten (KG)

      Our approach to early childhood education is shaped by the idea of the child as a unique, curious and creative individual, a natural learner who is rich in potential. We see children’s play as a unique inquiry into the world around them and we appreciate that children learn through their relationships with other people. We offer a learning environment that provides individuals with a sense of belonging, respect and empathy and promotes effective communication.

      Our children are encouraged to be active and take thoughtful risks, to recognize their own accomplishments, to take responsibility for their actions and to develop resilience and positive self-esteem. Our teachers are co-learners, collaborators, researchers and facilitators of learning.

      We follow the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) curriculum and are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. This combination provides us with a child-centered, play-based approach in which teachers work closely with children as they construct their ever broadening understandings of the world as well as themselves.

      The Kindergarten is made up of 3 grade levels with an age range of 3-5  years.

      • K1
      • K2
      • K3

      Grade Finder Table 2018-19

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