Board of Education

      As of June 2017, we enthusiastically welcome Dr James Calvin, Vice President Academic Affairs, as our new Board Chair. As a Board Member for the last few years, Dr Calvin is already familiar with the school and its workings. Dr Calvin’s passion and commitment to education are renowned and will ensure that The KAUST School continues to thrive and progress in the future.

      Front Row from left to right: Ms. Patricia Hughes, Vice President, Human Resources; Ms. Madeleine Hewitt, The KAUST School Director, Ex Officio Member; Dr. Najah Y Ashry, Vice President, Saudi Initiatives; Ms. Sally Alturki, External Board Member;

      Back Row from left to right: Mr. Fouad M. AlGabbani, Director Community Services KAUST, Board Secretary; Professor Yves Gnanou, Dean & Professor of Chemistry, Physical Sciences & Engineering Division, Board Vice Chair; Professor James Calvin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Applied Mathematics & Computational Science; Mr. Henk Kriek, Chief Financial Officer; Mr. Iain Sterling, External Board Member

      Dr. Carol S. Carmichael; Dr. Brian Matthews, Superintendent, American International School, Riyadh, External Board Member (not in photo)

      Photographed during 2016/17 school year. Updated information on our Board of Education should be available after September 2017.









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